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with Frank Verhülsdonk

Saturday, September 19

Pre-recorded Lecture & Practice

Prepare your mind and body for cooler weather with the "Four Seasons Qigong: Autumn Set." The workshop will be offered as a pre-recorded lecture.

Sharing Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Through Modern Means

Improve your health and refine martial skills through our live lessons and online resources.

TCMA & Qigong

Traditional Chinese Martial Arts (TCMA) is an umbrella term that refers to styles such as Kung Fu and Taijiquan (Tai Chi), which were developed throughout centuries of Chinese history.

Qigong roughly translates to "energy work." It is the art of developing and cultivating the body's Qi, or bioenergy, often through mindful breathing and meditation.

Who Are We?

Barking Rabbit is Jonathan D. Chang and Michelle H. Lin, lifelong practitioners of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts, holding about 40 years of training experience collectively.


The duo also have a combined 30+ years of teaching experience for students of all ages & abilities, in classrooms, workshops, seminars, and online.

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I value their expertise as martial artists, their effectiveness as teachers, and their generous, gentle spirits. They were able to clearly explain as well as effectively demonstrate what they wanted us to learn.

Dr. Robert J. Woodbine

Urban Qi FIT (Harlem, NY)

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