Kung Fu for Kids

"Martial arts is more than just kicks, punches, and earning belts. It’s helped me develop self-confidence, awareness and respect for my surroundings, and showed me that I’m more capable than I realized."

-Michelle Lin (Barking Rabbit, co-founder)

Our Beginnings

At one time, we were students in the kid's Kung Fu program at YMAA Andover. We enjoyed the classes, loved our teacher (and still do!), and developed life-long friendships.

We transitioned from being students to teaching aids to leading our own kids programs. Now we have combined the positive experiences from our youth with the skills and values we hope to pass down to the next generation of martial artists.



Early stages of training focus on basics to build a foundation: stances, kicks, hand forms, sequences (forms), pad work, speed, reaction drills, meditation.


Each of the basics have advanced levels of training and eventually lead to weapons training: staff, saber, sword, and more.

When appropriate, students will be encouraged to demonstrate their physical and intellectual understanding of the training material through our testing system.



Kung Fu for Kids Program

  • Fitness & Self Defense

  • Focus

  • Value Development

  • Goal Setting

  • Fun!


  • Self-confidence

  • Self-discipline

  • Awareness & Respect

  • Skills & Coordination

  • Friendships & Support

Future classes to come! Stay tuned for updates!





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