(Qì Gōng)

Qigong roughly translates to “energy work” as the art of naturally developing the body’s Qi (energy). In order for you to benefit from this practice it is important to understand what Qigong is and the different methods of how it is practiced.


Introduction to Qigong

1 ) Understanding Qi & Qigong

  • Build a basic understanding of Qi & Qigong concepts
  • ​​What are the purposes and benefits of Qigong practice?
  • ​​What are the different schools of Qigong?
  • What is the importance of breathing?
  • Simple stationary Qigong exercises
  • Chest & abdominal breathing techniques

2 ) Basic Qigong Terminology & Breathing Techniques

  • Learn and understand basic Qigong terminology
  • Discuss the energy structure & energy body
  • What are Normal Abdominal Breathing & Reverse Abdominal Breathing?
  • How do you practice them?
  • How do you apply Reverse Abdominal Breathing in Qigong exercises?

3 ) The 5 Regulatings & Spine Wave

  • What are the Five Regulatings?
  • Discuss the concepts of Body, Breath, Mind, Qi, and Spirit
  • Learn to regulate the body with your breathing
  • Coordinate breathing with exercises
  • Grasp the concept of spine waving

4 ) Dan Tian and Girdle Vessel Breathing

  • Dan Tian Breathing
    • What is the Dan Tian?
    • Connecting to the body's center of gravity
  • Girdle Vessel Breathing
    • Practical introduction
    • Purpose & benefits

5 ) Introduction to Four Seasons Qigong

  • Introduction to Four Seasons Qigong
    • Discover the relationship between the seasons and the organs
    • Applied exercises to the All Seasons Qigong set in order to enhance body awareness & organ health

6 ) Recap & Self-Massage

  • Review Sessions 1 – 5 (Q&A)
  • Short Self-Massage/Stimulation Routine
  • The next steps in your Qigong practice

About | Introduction to Qigong

This six-class online course will introduce simple Qigong exercises along with underlying theories & concepts. Each session is 45-minutes and includes discussion on reading assignments and study questions. Course Materials:

Next Small Group Class begins:
  • 5:00pm GMT on Wednesday, March 11, 2020
Instructor: Frank Verhülsdonk

Four Seasons Qigong

About | Four Seasons Qigong

Coming soon! Instructor: Frank Verhülsdonk

Taiji Ball Qigong

About | Taiji Ball Qigong

Coming soon! Instructor: Frank Verhülsdonk

Soft White Crane Qigong

About | Soft White Crane Qigong

Coming soon! Instructor: Frank Verhülsdonk

All courses currently provide two options for learning:


  • Small Group Classes

    • 2 to 5 students per class

    • Six 45-min sessions (meeting twice monthly)

    • $30/session

  • Private & Semi-Private Lessons

    • 1 to ∞ students (4 device limit) per lesson

    • Six 45-min sessions (flexible scheduling)

    • $60/session, +$10/student (for 3 or more)