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Upcoming Online Workshops

March 5 - 26
Yang-style Taiji Sword (Part 4)
Jonathan Chang
March 6 - 20
Taiji Ball Qigong (Level 2)
Jon & Michelle
March 6
Four Seasons Qigong (Spring)
Frank Verhülsdonk
April 25
Healing Qigong: Hypertension
Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
April 24
External & Internal Elixirs Qigong
Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming

Taiji I

9:00am | 45m

Taiji SG

9:30am | 60m


6:00pm | 90m


6:00pm | 30m

Taiji SG

10:30am | 60m


6:00pm | 90m

Taiji I

8:30am | 45m

Taiji II

9:15am | 45m


9:30am | 60m

Taiji II

9:45am | 45m

Taiji II

8:30am | 90m

Open Shaolin

7:30am | 60m

Taiji I

6:30pm | 45m

Taiji II

7:15pm | 45m

Kids Kung Fu

6:30pm | 60m

Kids Kung Fu

4:00pm | 60m

Kids Kung Fu

6:30pm | 60m

Online Classes

We lead a variety of online classes through Zoom. Please email for password information. See you in class!








Last updated: Fri, January 15, 2021 | 11:15am Eastern US

Black: Hosted by Barking Rabbit

Red: Hosted by YMAA Boston

All times listed as Eastern US Time

Class times are subject to change. Check back regularly!

Shaolin Kung Fu

Each class consists of a warm up, basic stretching, body conditioning, and fundamental training. For 90 minute classes, the last half hour will be geared towards the YMAA curriculum.

Teens/Adults: Traditional training in Long Fist & White Crane (Recommended age: 13+)

Kids Kung Fu: Huaxin or LCS students only

Yang Taijiquan

Fundamental drills will be practiced to better one's feeling within the solo sequence. Please warm up before class to prepare your body for the Taiji practice.

Taiji I: Classes will focus on the 1st part of the Taijiquan sequence. All levels welcome.

Taiji II: Additional instruction for students who have learned beyond Part 1.

Taiji SG: Small Group ongoing classes


Classes will consist of brief theory lectures as well as simple exercises focusing on breathing, balance, and boosting the immune system.

Qigong SG: Small Group 6-week course


  • Clothing: comfortable fitting for movement

  • Shoes: lightweight & low-cut ankle, but not required

  • Workout space: 2 meters x 1.5 meters (6.5 feet x 5 feet)

  • Additional equipment: none!

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