Fight Rehearsal

Walk-throughs of an early version Lin’s fight scene in Assassin’s Creed.

I was amongst some top stunt performers and riggers in the industry. Much respect to them.

This was the beginning of the fight (about ⅓) which later included rope dart and barehand techniques. Most of it was cut as the overall scene was too long. The brilliant part about the choreography was that 4 fights were occurring simultaneously for Cal, Moussa, Nathan, and Lin. They could start and end at the same time, or go one at time with elements that would connect to the next fight, like a projectile weapon path leading from one fight to another.

Yes, it looks and felt more like dancing than fighting and it’s unrealistic for my character to avoid every attack. Also, the Templars were running towards us and coming from the other fights; they weren't standing around to attack one by one (that bothers me in movies). To be fair, before Shao Jun (Lin’s ancestor) became an Assassin, she was a dancer while she was a concubine. Also, it’s movie!

The movie fight movements were different from what I’m used to and it was interesting learn new skills. YMAA's Shaolin Long Fist style is similar to Shao Jun’s Northern Shaolin, but you won’t see me slide a sword across my shoulder or flip it around my wrist. I appreciate them asking for my input at times and I included some applications from my training (however, they’re hard to catch).

It was really cool and surreal to have been a part of this project. Would I have liked to explore Shao Jun's background and development? Hell yes!

Shao Jun from Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China

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