Wise Words

I apologize for missing my bi-weekly blog post deadlines. These past few weeks have been busy and some of you may already know why.


New Programs

The YMAA Retreat Center is extending its operations until 2024 and enrollment is open for new 5-Year Shaolin/Taiji and 3-Year Taiji/Qigong programs!

Read more here and download applications here.

I was/am busy updating the application forms, preparing for the announcement via email and the Retreat Center’s website, and preparing the instructors/staff members to take over my many responsibilities. I started listing my training and non-training related responsibilities step by step and calculating the amount of time I spend on each. I knew I did a lot, but I didn’t realize just how much. This is in addition to training and regular chores. It’s no wonder why I often have trouble sleeping.


Wise Words

Someone left this in my shed after the summer seminars. Whether it was intentional or not, it’s certainly relevant in my case. Still, I’m a creature of habit. It’s difficult to stop helping without feeling irresponsible or guilty for letting down someone who really needs the help.

When Dani from YMAA Chile visited, we had several interesting discussions about business, entrepreneurship, community, and life in general. (In YMAA South America, this is known as “Taiji Blah” :))

I asked what he saw as my weaknesses. He told me 2 important things:

  1. Don’t over sacrifice yourself. Learn what your limits are and how to say “No.”

  2. In a partnership, don’t let yourself feel like you’re contributing an unfair amount of work. It doesn’t equate to the actual amount of work, it’s the feeling.

I’ll never master most skills but I can say with confidence I am an expert at both. I am also an expert at seeing inefficiencies as opportunities for improvement and creating more work for myself.

Prior to returning, I made new rules and a schedule to prioritize activities and tasks in my best interests. It hasn’t gone well, but I hope that will change soon.


Retreat Center Q&A

Traditional Martial Arts, Fighting, and the Retreat Center

In case you missed it, this was posted on the Retreat Center’s blog in response to several questions on on of our YouTube videos. The answer is a summary of our group discussion.



In the past 2 days, Northern California was hit hard with wildfires. We’re not directly affected but the air is filled with smoke and small bits of falling ash, the sun and moon are orange once again, and we currently do not have cell phone service. Garberville is 20 minutes south of us and this morning, the town has no phone service or internet. Imagine if that happened in your community.

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