Taijiquan Check

The internet has no shortage of videos of mediocre and poor quality martial arts. Very few come with self critiques and constructive feedback, so I hope you can learn from my corrections. This was a check for Taijiquan Part 1 Fast for the 3rd level in the YMAA Taijiquan curriculum.

Self Critique:

Overall body movements are awkward Like a newborn giraffe trying walk.

Postures Beginning: left hand is higher than right hand and more tense. Peng (Wardoff): it’s challenging to get the full transition turning 180 degrees from one Deng Shan Bu into another with the tricky Jing pattern in the upper body. Crane Spreads Its Wings: weak. Play the Guitar: awkward.

Fa (Manifesting) Jing is not crisp Limbs feel flimsy, like I could not hurt a fly. Need to be softer with more pullback after the strikes, especially Ji (Press), An (Push), Brush Knee & Parry and Punch. Limbs are extending but the power isn’t extending/following all the way. It feels like a combination of body alignment issues and the timing of the movements. I’m unaligned partially due to past injuries/tightness and habit. The body should move continuously but I have breaks.

Yi (wisdom mind) isn’t on the target/sense of enemy It’s focused on getting through the movements with speed and attempted Fa Jing. Neglected most Hua (Neutralizing) Jing. Need much more practice Regulating the Body before Regulating the Mind.

Dr. Yang’s Feedback (translation):

  • “You’re missing just a little bit.”

  • “In the beginning posture, your shoulders rise up. I said, “哎呀糟糕!” = “Darn, that’s terrible!” (Thinking everything would be just as bad). But then they didn’t rise up for the rest of the sequence”. (He laughs with a smile)

  • “Your Jing comes from the lower legs, see if you make it come from the feet.”

  • “You’ve improved a lot. You’re almost there.”

  • “Now, the Yi is lacking. It’s the most difficult (to train). When you manifest, your mind is at your hands. It should be on your enemy.”

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