Cai Lie Zhou Kao

Most Taiji students are familiar with the Peng Lu Ji An pattern ("Ward Off, Rollback, Press/Squeeze, Push" - 4 formal directions). A lesser trained pattern is Cai Lie Zhou Kao ("Pluck, Split, Elbow, Bump" - 4 corners). These "8 doors" plus the "5 strategic stepping" skills are referred to as the Taijiquan Thirteen Postures.

We tested and passed in December 2017. At the time, it was a relief and we felt like we finally started to barely scratch the surface of a deep and complicated but interesting training drill. Looking at it now, it had better improve during my last year at the Retreat Center.

Dr. Yang’s Corrections:

  • My rooting was better compared to the Fighting Set I did earlier.

  • “It's not bad.”

  • The changing of sides (right and left) “is pretty good.”

  • (He was generally stunned and didn’t say anything else.)

Self Corrections:

  • More intent. The strike to the face can be fast and neutralizing it can be difficult so we’ve been holding back. We’re also holding back with the elbow strike.

  • Lower stances, better root.

  • Smoother execution overall.

  • Better understanding of the options when using the postures and how it differs with different training partners.

We started to mix 3 patterns together 1) Peng Lu Ji An, 2) Cai Lie Zhou Kao, and 3) Da Lu, Xiao Lu, Ji and it’s been a lot more interesting. One step closer to Taiji sparring.

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