Graduation Videos

The YMAA Retreat Center Graduation videos are released!

I made the basic edits on an old and painfully slow laptop, so thank you for your patience :) As Barking Rabbit Media, Jon and I have worked on a number of projects for Dr. Yang, the YMAA Publication Center, and the upcoming Newendao project in Pucón, Chile. We plan to produce more videos in the near future as we transition to the next stage of our lives. We’ll keep you updated!

YMAA Retreat Center Graduation (19 videos)

  1. Demo Highlights

  2. Demo Part 1

  3. Demo Part 2

  4. Demo Part 3

  5. Demo Part 4

  6. Demo Part 5

  7. Bow to Grandmasters

  8. Speech by Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming

  9. Speech by Charles Green (10-year sponsor)

  10. Speech by Daniel Chadud (YMAA S. America, Director)

  11. Speech by David Ripianzi (YMAA Publication Center, CEO & Owner)

  12. Speech by Russell Steinberg (Composer, conductor, and educator of music, former YMAA student)

  13. Speech by Nicholas Yang (YMAA International, President)

  14. Speech by Javier Rodriguez (9-year student)

  15. Speech by Michelle Lin (5-year student)

  16. Speech by Enrico Tomei (5-year student)

  17. Diplomas

  18. Gifts

  19. Discipleship Ceremony

Due to the lack of time and for privacy reasons, I’ve omitted 2 speeches by guests.

You can find them on the Retreat Center’s Facebook Graduation Day! Live Feed video:

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