School Name: Wu An Martial Arts

We’ve named our school Wu An Martial Arts!

“Barking Rabbit” represents us as individuals and was never intended to be our school name (to the disappointment of some of our students). After years of deliberation, we finally settled on Wu An (武安), which means “martial peace.”

Under our new name, we’ll continue offering in-person and online instruction in Kung Fu and Taijiquan (Tai Chi). The past two years have given us time to reflect on what we can and can’t control and now we look forward to tackling our goals with renewed energy. Thank you students and supporters for being with us throughout the years!

Wu An’s logo features the Chinese character 安 (ān, which means “peace”). Our color schemes are blue (which evokes calm, serenity, and peace), off-white, and off-black. The first stroke of 安 is in blue to give the logo a pop of color. Within 安 is the character for 女 (nǚ, “woman”). The horizontal stroke in 女 is extended and ends in a spearhead. The spear represents the martial side of our trade and coincidentally ties into 武 (wǔ, “martial”).

武 is comprised of two characters:

  • “止” (zhǐ) means “stop”

  • “戈” (gē) means “spear,” in other words, “war”

In essence, 武 means “to stop war” or “to stop a fight.” There is no Yin without Yang and we wanted to represent the duality of peace and conflict within our name and logo.

Name Origin and Meaning

Wu An is named after the school of our White Crane Grandmaster: Cheng, Gin-Gsao.

This was where our shifu, Dr. Yang, first trained martial arts while growing up in Taiwan. With blessings from Grandmaster Cheng’s son and Dr. Yang, we selected Wu An as our school name.

We incorporated the character for “peace” in our logo to emphasize its importance as one of the ultimate goals for our students - to strive for inner and outer peace through martial arts training. We believe that training martial arts teaches us how to resolve internal and external conflicts. Additionally, Dr. Yang has always underscored the martial moralities in his teachings and we aim to pass these values to the next generation of students.

We’re also excited to announce we’re formally joining Yang’s Martial Arts Association (YMAA) as a branch school: YMAA Wu An.

We’ve been active in YMAA since childhood and now our students will become part of this amazing community.

Barking Rabbit Lives On

Barking Rabbit will continue under its original form for our media productions as Barking Rabbit Media. Sidenote: the logo was a draft drawn on a white board, from which we took a photo and cleaned up in Photoshop. We liked it enough to keep it as it was since 2014!

Our Students: Until the new student portal is active, please continue to log in at

Over the next few months, we’ll implement the name change in all aspects of our company. We’re still us! Now, our name will be more recognizable as a martial arts school.