Workshop: Self-Care & Recovery


FREE online class open to all!

Instructor: Dr. Lance Robbins

Sunday, May 31st

10:30am - 12 noon EDT

For those interested in:

  • follow-along full body flush routine

  • releasing stress

  • injury prevention & recovery

  • learning self-care methods

This class will focus on concepts of pain, Ashi points and trigger points, Qi flow and stagnation, mobility tools, acupressure techniques for tonification and sedation, and how to perform a full body self care routine.

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Free class held on Zoom.

90-minute class includes:

  • Lecture

  • Full body self-care routine

  • Q&A

Recommended: foam roller

Intro to Mobility & Recovery [VIDEO]

About the instructor:

Lance Robbins, DC, has spent his life studying, learning, and practicing movement in all its various shapes, forms, and sizes. He began his journey in 1985 under the guidance of two Laotian Masters of southern-style Shaolin kung fu. In 2009, he earned his doctoral degree in chiropractic medicine.

Dr. Lance's specialties include health recovery and performance enhancement. He is an athlete, crossfitter, Pilates and kung fu instructor, and an all around good guy. He spends his days helping others stay on their journey, while still studying, learning, and practicing.

Dr. Lance owns a a chiropractic, acupuncture, and physical therapy clinic based in St. Petersburg, FL (visit: