Video: YMAA's 38th anniversary!

Mei-Ling Yang at Michelle's disciple ceremony (2018)

There is one unsung hero in YMAA who has never taught martial arts.

Without Mei-Ling's invisible self-sacrifices and support for her family and by extension, Yang's Martial Arts Association, the organization would not be the same.

謝謝, 師母

(Thank you, Shimu)

What began as one school in Boston, MA has grown into an international community with students from all walks of life. Additionally, countless people worldwide have learned from Dr. Yang’s numerous publications on traditional Chinese martial arts and qigong.

Previous YMAA HQ - 38 Hyde St, Jamaica Plain, MA

We’ve been inspired by the teachings, our friends and training partners, and the person who started it all.

To mark this day, we thank Dr. Yang for creating a positive influence on so many lives.

Thank you for sharing your life’s work and life lessons. 謝謝, 師父

We asked, you answered

Three weeks ago, we had the idea to create a “thank you” video for Dr. Yang. We asked those who’ve learned from him directly or indirectly to submit a video message and performance. In all honesty, we weren’t sure how many would participate. These times are stressful and uncertain. Most folks are uncomfortable appearing on video, even more so to perform. (But you did it!)

The response was overwhelming. We heard from long-time students, former students, newer students, seminar guests, and students who’ve never even met us!

For the past week, Jon has spent day and night editing over 300 videos from 23 countries. We don't know how many students actually appear in the final cut.

A HUGE thank you to Jon for all your hard work! (And thanks for not killing me for making all those suggestions.) The art of video production is such that the expertise and time spent on the project should go unnoticed to the untrained eye. If video or audio is unintentionally jarring at any point, it takes the viewer out of the experience.

Final Cut Pro demands a vacation after this project

To Everyone - Thank you for your contributions!

For those who are camera shy, next time we'll offer another alternative. We didn’t think of this until we received a few text submissions.

Stay safe everyone. We’ll survive.

Cheers and happy anniversary!


If you'd like to further show gratitude to Dr. Yang, he's offering 2 webinars this weekend:

  1. Spine & Back Qigong (Oct 3)

  2. Internal Alchemy Chart (Oct 4)

Or, please consider making a donation to support the YMAA Retreat Center.


Written Messages:

Dr. Yang,

Thank you for training my teachers Roger Whidden, Michelle Lin, and Jon Chang. They have passed on the extraordinary gifts you gave them which they worked so hard to attain. These gifts and your teaching through them and your books have made my world and the world of those around me a much better place.


Barbara T.


Dear Dr. Yang,

Congratulations and gratitude on this day, your milestone anniversary. I feel truly blessed for every moment with the YMAA family. I have taken classes, read your books, and watched your DVDs. I have given your books as gifts to friends. Above and beyond the integrity and excellence of your Art and Instruction, being in proximity to such good and decent people is the greatest gift of all.

I have had the good fortune to meet you and Mei-Ling, James, Kathy, and Nick, as well as your prodigies in Jon, Michelle, and Ben Warner. (James is the only one I never had a class with). All of them radiate goodness, and it’s the genuine article, a quality of character that can’t be counterfeited. And at the age I’ve now attained to, I count the company of the pure-of-heart above most else.

God bless you and yours, and may you have many, many more years ahead as family patriarch teacher to the world.

All the best, as ever,

Harrison F.


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