Webinar: Dao De Jing

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The book can be purchased on ymaa.com: The Dao De Jing: A Qigong Interpretation


Saturday & Sunday, June 12th & 13th

1pm - 2:30pm Eastern /

10am - 11:30am Pacific

(Eastern Daylight Time is - 4 UTC)

  • Two 90 minute sessions

  • Lecture, exercises, and Q&A

  • BONUS! Zoom recording and handout included

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The internet connectivity at the Retreat Center is unpredictable. While we do what we can to provide the best experience possible, the video feed quality may not be up to your standards. Please do not register for the live session if this will be an issue for you.

An HD recording of the live webinar will be available for purchase in the future.


Dao De Jing: A Qigong Interpretation

The Dao De Jing, or The Book of the Way, is one of the fundamental texts for philosophical and religious Daoism. It is ascribed to Laozi, a Chinese philosopher and writer believed to have lived in the 6th century BC. The influence of the classic text has spread widely around the world and inspired artists for centuries.

Until recently, the Dao De Jing had been interpreted mostly by scholars. In Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming’s book, The Dao De Jing: A Qigong Interpretation, the author examines the text from a qigong perspective.

This 3-hour webinar will discuss the following:

  • Lǎozi’s Background

  • Yīng/Yáng World (陰間/陽間) – Yì Jīng

  • What are Dào and Dé?

  • Origin of the Universe

  • Body’s Yīn and Yáng

  • Dào Dé Jīng and Qìgōng

  • Interpretation of selected Dào Dé Jīng chapters

Read an excerpt of the The Dao De Jing: A Qigong Interpretation.

Pinyin Wade-Giles

Dao De Jing Tao Te Ching

Laozi Lao Tzu

Daoism Taoism


Qigong Categories

Qigong is any practice relating to the human body's Qi (internal energy). It can range from sitting meditation to high intensity physical activity. Qigong practice can be categorized into 5 groups according to the primary purpose in training.

  1. Maintaining Health (preventing illness and injury)

  2. Curing Sickness (and ailments)

  3. Prolonging Life

  4. Martial Arts

  5. Spiritual Enlightenment


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