Webinar: Mindful Breathing

Mindful Breathing

Saturday, October 17

11am - 12:30pm EDT (Eastern US)

Instructor: Frank Verhülsdonk

Fee: $45 early bird, $60 regular

Early bird deadline: October 10

Registration: Email Frank to register

In your daily life, do you notice if you:

  • Take deep, relaxed breaths?

  • Hold your breath unintentionally?

  • Change your breathing when stressed, cold, hot, or other in situations?

Frank has been fascinated by the topic of breathing and he’s excited to teach a workshop that will introduce breathing methods that apply in daily life.

  • Detect and dissolve unnecessary tension on a physical, emotional, and mental level

  • Build awareness of breathing in daily life

  • Support and improve Qigong, Taiji, and martial/physical practices

Qigong Q&A

Included in the 90-minute webinar is a Q&A session on breathing and general Qigong topics will follow. Students with questions on practices such as Embryonic Breathing, Small Circulation, or other Qigong sets are encouraged to come with their questions.

Not sure what Qigong practices are appropriate for you? Ask Frank!