Workshop: Taiji Sword

Online Workshop with Jon and Michelle


5:45 - 6:45pm EDT (Eastern)

July 17 - August 21

Six (6) 1-hour sessions


  • Early Bird: $135 (deadline July 10)

  • Regular: $150

In traditional Chinese martial arts, the sword (or jian) is considered the king of short weapons.

It is said that in order to build a proper foundation for training:

100 days of bare hand, 1000 days of spear, and 10000 days of sword.

Taiji Sword combines the elegant movements of the sword with the meditative flow of Taijiquan. Taiji Sword can arguably be the most difficult weapon to learn, practice, and apply as it uses the concepts from Taijiquan practice such as adhering, sticking, and following. Practicing the slow and intricate movements will help strengthen your body, sharpen your focus, and raise your spirit.

In this introductory workshop, all students will begin with sword fundamentals and learn to incorporate Taiji principles into sword practice. Students who have learned the 54-posture sequence will have individual time with the instructor to refine their form.


Experience in Taijiquan and/or sword fundamentals is recommended.

Knowledge of the 54-posture Taiji Sword sequence is not required.


Do I need a sword?

Having a Taiji sword is not necessary for this workshop. Recommended substitutes: wooden sword, Shaolin sword, wooden stick.

Wooden Sword (from

  • Disclaimer: We have not purchased this item from this vendor and therefore cannot comment on the quality. This item is a training tool and not the proper Taiji sword length for most practitioners.

To measure the proper length of a Taiji sword:

Hold the sword in front of you so the tip touches the ground. The handle end should reach your solar plexus.


Session Recordings

The sessions will be recorded and posted by the following day. They will be available for participants for 3 months in the Students’ Area of our website.


Seminar will be held on Zoom

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