YMAA Anniversary Video Project

Deadline: Sunday, September 27th

Hi Everyone!

For YMAA’s anniversary on Oct 1st, we’d like to compile videos of students from around the world and share it with Dr. Yang. With the pandemic going on and life getting in the way, it’s been a long time since Dr. Yang has seen many of the students. Given all that he’s shared and the impact he’s made on so many lives, we want to remind him of how grateful we are.

If you’re game, please send a video of the following:

Group or solo!

1) Speaking to camera: (this part is optional)

  • “Hi, it’s __(your name)__ from __(your school)__” (Or your variation. Anyone shy or underage can omit their name.)

  • "Hi, from __(your school)__" (for groups)

  • (wait 5 seconds) “Thank you Dr. Yang!”

2) Video of yourself performing one or both:

  • Lian Bu Quan (right side of body facing the camera)

  • Taijiquan Part 1 at any speed (front of body facing camera)


Deadline: Sunday, September 27th

The final edit will take small segments (1-3 techniques per student) to create the whole sequence - one for Lian Bu Quan and one for TJQ.

Our students: If you’ve recently submitted a video to us and you’d like to include it, let us know. If you’d like to include your intro, please record and send it to us.

3 Ways to submit video:

  1. Email woof@BarkingRabbit.com

  2. Share link on Google Drive

  3. WeTransfer.com (free, no account necessary)

We hope you all participate! Thank you!

Hugs from Massachusetts,

Michelle & Jon