Yang-style Taiji Sword


(Yáng Shì Tài Jí Jiàn)

Taiji Sword combines the elegant movements of the sword with the meditative flow of Taijiquan.



Our workshops divide the Taiji Sword Sequence in 4 sections and focus on the techniques in the given part.


The outline includes sword fundamentals, a breakdown of the techniques, examination of applications, and repeated practice.


  • Part 1: #1 Beginning to #12 Swallow Enters the Nest

  • Part 2: #13 Phoenix Spreads Its Wings to #27 Compass

  • Part 3: #28 Clean Up Dust In the Wind to #40 Shoot the Geese

  • Part 4: #41 Blue Dragon Waves His Claws to #54 Hold the Sword and Return to the Original Stance


Each part requires a minimum of 5 hours of workshop instruction.

Upcoming Taiji Sword Workshops


Taiji Sword: Part 2 - Fridays, 6 - 7:15pm (EST)

October 30 - November 20


Register Online (early bird deadline 10/23)


Taiji Sword: Part 3 - Fridays, 6 - 7:15pm (EST)

January 8 - January 29, 2021


Prior experience in Taijiquan bare hand practice is highly recommended.

Prior experience in short weapons basics is encouraged but not required.