Taijiquan Program

太極拳 | Tài Jí Quán

Those who wish to expand their practice with martial understanding can do so through the comprehensive YMAA Taiji curriculum. Learn more about our YMAA background in Yang-style Taijiquan.

After a while, students continue practicing to deepen their understanding and to keep feeling great.

Most people are interested in trying Taijiquan for its health benefits:


  • Improve balance & stability

  • Promote relaxation

  • Increase mobility

  • Improve overall health

Introduction to Taijiquan

Build Your Foundation


Regardless of your reasons for practicing, all students begin their journey with Taijiquan fundamentals.


Our introduction course includes:

  • Taijiquan Basics drills

  • Taiji Qigong and White Crane Qigong

  • Part 1 of the Yang-style Long Form




La Pierre School of Dance

75 Pearl St, Reading, MA

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Ongoing classes

Intro to Taijiquan

Saturdays, 9am - 10:15am

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1) Small Group: Two Sundays per month

2) Private or Semi-private lessons

Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Hangouts.


Intro to Taijiquan

via Online Live Lessons

Next Steps

After completing the introduction course, students can continue their practice through different paths.


Refine your form, deepen your Qigong practice, and enjoy the health benefits.

Taiji I:

Refine fundamentals and Part 1. Students have the option to test the YMAA Taiji curriculum level 1 requirement: Part 1 slow speed.

Taiji II:

Refine fundamentals and learn Part 2 and Part 3



Develop your martial understanding with applications, Jing (martial power) training, and additional training.

*Students are highly encouraged to test the YMAA Taiji curriculum.

Taiji I:

Refine fundamentals and Part 1.


Taiji II:

Refine fundamentals and learn Part 2 and Part 3. Students interested in testing will also begin training the sequence at medium and fast speeds.

Pushing Hands:

Develop sensitivity and neutralization skills through various drills in the YMAA Taiji curriculum - centering, Pushing Hands, Peng Lu Ji An, Taiji Symbol (Yin Yang Symbol), and more.