Yang-style Taijiquan


(Yáng Shì Tài Jí Quán)

Many people practice Taijiquan for its health benefits including increased energy, stress reduction, improved balance, and relief from ailments. However, Taijiquan was developed as an internal style of martial arts.


As a soft style, Taijiquan emphasizes relaxed muscles to allow for better Qi flow. With a better Qi flow and a concentrated mind, practitioners learn to sense, neutralize, and redirect an opponent’s force.


Free Courses

Taijiquan Basics | 12 videos (Total 42 min)

Sequence (Long Form)

Medium speed

Yang Taijiquan at Medium Speed, Jan 2019 | 04:48​

Yang Taijiquan at Medium Speed - A Bridge to Understanding Jing Training | KungFuMagazine.com Article

Fast speed

Taijiquan: Part 1 Fast, Oct 2017 | 0:33

Taijiquan: Part 2 Fast, Nov 2018 | 01:15

Taijiquan: Part 3 Fast, May 2019 | 02:08


Compilation Practice: Taijiquan (太極拳), Jun 2010 | 03:58

ICMAC 2011, Boston, MA: Yang Style Taijiquan (楊氏太極拳), Jul 2011 | 03:34


An (Push) | 02:06

Lu (Rollback) | 0:53

Single Whip 1 - Coil | 01:11

Single Whip 2 - Hips | 0:40

Partner Drills

  • Single Pushing Hands, 單推手 (Dān Tuī Shǒu)

  • Double Pushing Hands, 雙推手 (Shuāng Tuī Shǒu)

  • Peng Lu Ji An, 掤履擠按 (Péng Lü Jǐ Àn)

  • Cai Lie Zhou Kao, 採挒肘靠 (Cǎi Liè Zhǒu Kào)

  • Taiji Yin-Yang Symbol (Silk Reeling), 太極圈纏手 (Tàijí Quān Chán Shǒu)

  • Small & Large Rollback, 小履大履 (Xiǎo Lü Dà Lü)

Taiji Fighting Set




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